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Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry

I have been dabbling quite a bit (2 days to be exact) on the Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry.  This is an app that was recently for BlackBerry(s) on the 31st of August 2010. The only reason why I am into Xobni Mobile at this point in time is because they are offering a holiday special price of USD1.99.

Xobni Mobile boasts of the following features:

  • Automatically created profiles. Ranked by importance.
  • Lightning fast search by name or company.
  • Instant access to your Xobni Contacts in the BlackBerry compose screen.
  • Connect Xobni on your BlackBerry with Outlook to recover 10x the contacts.

So far, I am quite pleased with the app itself.  It has proven itself to be able to automatically create new contact, rank them accordingly and scour FaceBook/LinkedIn for more contact information including published photos.  Apart from that, searching for contacts is effortless and speedy (not to be read as lightning fast).

You can have instant access to your contacts in the compose screen but in my experience, it does not play well when an app triggers the compose screen.  Allow me to elaborate; e.g. you are reading an article on Viigo and have decided to forward the article to a friend.  You will normally select the option “Email Article” which launches an email composing screen but Xobni does not work in those environment.  You will have to rely on BlackBerry’s native contact.

I also found out that the contact photos are only added if their FaceBook profile are made public.  This is a very minor annoyance compared to the fact that Xobni contacts cannot be synchronized with your Outlook contacts.  To do that, Xobni requires you to purchase their Xobni One service which costs USD3.99 monthly.

This being the holiday season and Xobni feeling generous, click this link http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/12851?lang=en for the USD1.99 offer while it lasts.

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